Rones is a classic topper. In fact, he’s the worst I’ve ever seen. More on this later.


Ronery’s Tourettes evolves.

Something’s going on with the Rones. The diagnosed Tourettes seems to be morphing/evolving into a crime obsession incorporating the various Tourettes. There’s copy&paste after copy&paste “from the Oz” crime pieces. It used to be just death fascination and the Tourettes. It’s also an obsession with crime and the Tourettes.

Yep, Ronery’s big noting himself again and gets caught red-handed.

Leaving aside the issue of why you persist in raving on about “rones”, who ever he/she is, you may care to post your calculations, as opposed to a representative of a stockbroking firm my family has been dealing with for since 1948? Old money, J.C.


I was mocking the moron for boasting. The way to calculate a per share dividend or capital return is by taking the total amount and dividing into the issued share count. In other words, you don’t need a stock broker for that. A simple calculator will do it for you.

Also, there’s no stockbroking firm I can think of that is around now since 1948 under its old name or ownership structure.


If there was ever a doubt that a parallel universe exists then remove the doubt completely from your mind. Rones’ double, from a parallel universe, has visited the site. This one used to work in an office, a tough guy, with a serious attitude towards loose women.

Back in the day, I had the misfortune to have a work colleague, who regarded a mini skirt that barely covered her bottom, and a fairly monumental cleavage, artfully displayed, as perfectly legitimate tools to have all the men in the office eating out of her hand, and covering for her repeated stuff – ups. Except one…

Quoting about himself from 50 years ago. This a mental illness. It’s a mental illness or severely disrupted self estem.


  • Pity schools don’t attract more old soldiers.

    My High School history teacher had served as a rifleman in the United States Marine Corps, in the Pacific, during Wobbly Wobbly Two. You did not ever, but ever, fvck about, in history class….I have one of his school reports in front of me.

    “For someone who appeared to spend most of his time in my class daydreaming, and took as few notes as he did, I am surprised that he even passed, let alone achieved the results that he did.”