A discussion on black reparation began at Catallaxy after it was introduced in the news today by a black billionaire suggesting slavery reparations.The Ronery decides to go into some weird ancestor worship routine, just to remind people that he’s in some way important. There was the requisite quotes too.


My ancestors include Scottish crofters, evicted from their smallholdings during the Highland Clearances, marched down to the nearest seaport, told “The Laird has been pleased to pay for your passages to Australia’ and “put on the boat” then and there.

I will accept reparations in kind, in the shape of the output from my favourite distillery.

OMG, there’s more.

The knee jerk reaction every time this moron uses quotation marks is to assume he making it all up. In this below,  he expects people to believe two of his lunatic friends came up with the same joke.

Even the assumption is the lie. Ronery has no friends.

Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

When I was 18 I had a friend in a psychiatric facility.

Had a work colleague, way back when, who had spent time in a similar facility. Their retort was “I’ve got a piece of paper that say’s I’m sane, what about you?”



Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

Admittedly, I was on the 10-metre board at the time!

I was in Beatty Park, when a rather well endowed young lady lost the top of her bikini, climbing out of the pool. As she struggled to preserve the remnants of her modesty, a broad Australian accent wanted to know “Oi, lady, if you’re going to drown those puppies, can I have the one with the pink nose?”

The quoted funny part is found all over the web as a joke and also in joke books. He’s lying again.

There’s literally no end to this idiot’s idiocy

Not only was the memsahib was born in Rotterdam but her father was in the Dutch Resistance

Get a load of this swill

Zulu Kilo Two Alpha


With all due respect……….how many of your average Aussies, these days, would be interested in being part of any civilian militia defence against invasion?

From the Cat, I reckon me, you, Knuckledragger, Mater, Lizzie B and Cassie would put up the best fight we could – add the memsahib, her father was in the Dutch Resistance – but I reckon your average Aussie bogan would just go home, and as long as “My Kitchen Rules” and “Married at First Sight” was on the T.V., they wouldn’t really care who ran the country.

And there’s more
The quotation marks make their run again
Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

With very small and very outstanding exceptions (allegedly and apparently)

I’m remembering the first woman sent to command my local police station, when I lived in the suburbs – she was a lady best described as “formidable.”

“If you ever attempt to assault any of my constables, ever again, the full weight of the law will descend on you, leaving a greasy little stain.” (I hasten to add I was a witness to this conversation, not the subject.)


Yep, he recalls every word.

Even More bullshit

This clown reckons he has a T-shirt with the following emblazoned on the front. He also claims people would take the time to read it and then want to fight.

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

This what he wrote. Note, he’s in his 60’s, or so he claims. He also claims to wear a hoodie.


Indeed, I’m sitting here on the couch wearing my MAGA hoodie with my MAGA t-shirt underneath.

I’m sitting on the verandah wearing my sweatshirt that quotes Winston Churchill. ” Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

I wore it down the street, to cast my ballot, just after we moved up here, and nearly got into a fight with one of the “true believers.”

We’re now sounding the alarm with the NYC fire truck every time he bullshits on the site.

More Bullshit

“The Memsahib was born in Rotterdam”.


Anyone believe this (below), because I certainly don’t.


Zulu Kilo Two Alpha


The ability to speak a second , rather obscure, second language can come in handy. The Memsahib and I have been an item for over thirty years, but have never married, and she travels on a Dutch passport. The last time we flew through Dubai, some knuckledragger at the airport is questioning our passports. “You are traveling together, as man and wife, but you are not married? This is not right.”

He got told that his religion was one that was practiced only by the backward, and the truly ignorant, but, fortunately, he didn’t speak Afrikaans..

Countless spouses have different names on their passports, with say the wife continuing to carry their maiden name. No one is ever stopped and asked if they’re married. This moron never ceases to disappoint with stupid ridiculous lies.

“Nolli Illegitemum se Carborundum”, Dude.

That’s the Ronery family’s war cry when they enter a pub or a brothel all over the world and boy sheilas find it hugely attractive, which is why Rones is such a ladies man.

“Nolli Illegitemum se Carborundum”

The war cry of the “Two Alpha” family

Roared out loud in pub brawls, knocking shops, and low dives, from Amsterdam to Wellington.

“Don’t ever let the bastards grind you down.”