Without warning, Ronery goes for some ancestral worship at the Cat. I must admit, it’s a strange one because Rones managed to incorporate both ancestral worship and boasting – something we haven’t seen before.
Ummm, no, Dad. Since you’re now gone, I can tell you it was your oldest son who dropped one of the .303 blanks you had in a tin in the shed into the bin. Father, now that you have been gone all these years, I can reveal which of your sons it was who tried to shoot a crow, with a .303 rifle, and shot a hole in the house rainwater tank in the process. It wasn’t your eldest son – the prodigal son, the one who you said would never come to any good – it was your favourite son, the son you were grooming to run the whole enterprise, and who fucked off East, and left the prodigal son to run the whole matter. Rest in peace, Dad
Really bizarre too, as he seems to be snitching on his brother to his dead father.

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