Ronery’s toppering is getting worse. Much worse.

Here’s the fuckwit supposedly at a shopping centre. It’s totally made up.

I have to go amongst the results of the casual couplings of the lower orders, at Midland Gate, sometime soon, on a similar mission. Midland Gate has parking spots designated for seniors, and it’s amazing how many seniors there are morbidly obese, pushing their revolting brats in strollers, and drive muscle cars.

Oh, he also claims to have a $20 million position in BHP stock.

Anyway, night all to Western Australian Cats, I’m pleasantly awash in good Scotch, and doing the sums about B.H.P. special dividend. It will net me the odd hundred thousand, or so, and the family pastoral company just over half a million bucks. Kiss my arse, JC.

Of course, he doesn’t have $20 million in BHP stock. He’s just lying. Rones isn’t capable of calculating that BHP’s special dividend of $600,000 ($US1.02) would mean he owns ~600,000 shares. He too innumerate to work out the lie would be caught out as an exaggeration. At the current price, 600,000 shares would give him a dollar value of $20 million.

This idiot shouldn’t drink as it causes all sorts of hallucinatory psychosis.

PS: The innumerate is actually implying the stock position bigger than I originally suggested. He says, it’s netting him the amount mentioned, which means its after tax. The lying imbecile is therefore actually implying he has a BHP stock position valued at over $30 million. Rones, the pastoral and mining magnate. 🙂

More on the $30 million BHP stock position.

The other night, when challenged to a bet (that he owned so much stock in BHP, thereby making him a minor mining magnate), Ronery denied it and in fact turned it around by asking to be shown where had he ever said he owned this amount of stock. When it was explained to him that if we know the dividend amount received and the dividend announced we can therefore calculate the stock position, he continually accused me of being drunk.

4 thoughts on “Ronery’s toppering is getting worse. Much worse.”

  1. It’s old money, so it’s special and immune to your calculations. Also, as we all know, old money types can’t resist telling everyone how rich they are. Very ostentatious types.


  2. You know who is missing from the convo about old obese people? MarkL! We need more tales of him lifting heavy weights at the gym and causing all the young lasses to need some alone time.


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